40 days and 40 nights later…

As I vowed in a previous post, http://livelovelearnbreathe.com/2012/02/23/40-days-and-40-nights/, my Lenten promise was to give up all contact with the man known as Cleveland.  To be fair, I did break that pact, but only once.  (Sorry, Jesus.)  And in my defense, the communication that I did have was a very short and innocent text that, at the time, I … Continue reading 40 days and 40 nights later…

the only sober girl in chicago

One reason why I'll always love Columbus, Ohio is that they celebrate St. Patrick's Day ON St. Patrick's Day.  None of this weekend before bullshit.  It's March 17th, no matter what day of the week it falls on.  Now I understand that a parade is best to be held on a weekend, but noticing all … Continue reading the only sober girl in chicago

getting closure

Sadly, I woke up still thinking about last night's episode of The Bachelor.  It still pains me to envision Jake & Vienna together.  Yuck.   While Jake is not my type at all, I did respect and root him on, and still would if would have chosen Tenley, or ended up with Ali or even Gia.  But … Continue reading getting closure

when it comes to love, do we really have a choice?

I finally made it through The Time Traveler's Wife this afternoon, taking a few brains to unclogged my foggy, thought-induced brain.  Again, I have to say that the novel is so much better, and watching this for the second time clarifies my belief more so.  I'm just glad that Rachel McAdams was casted as Claire.  Eric … Continue reading when it comes to love, do we really have a choice?