i love you so much

IMG-1077I have only been away from my daughter for a little over twenty-four hours, but my heart is completely hurting in her absence.

While everyone says to enjoy the mommy break, I find myself wishing to hear her sweet voice whispering “Mommy,  I love you so much” as she cuddles into my arms.

I need her so much right now.

My heart aches for my little girl as her father’s health continues to decline and we struggle to know what the future holds for us.  We both want to give her the world and make all of her dreams come true, but some days all we can do is love her with our whole hearts and try to find the strength to find some sort of a response when she asks, “Did the doctor make Daddy better yet?”.

I hate leaving her for doctor appointments when all I want is her in the backseat of my car or in my lap singing along to “Tay Tay” (Taylor Swift) as we search for answers to make Daddy better.

I hate that I can’t tell her when she will have a new house, a puppy or be a big sister.

I hate even more that she can’t always have her mommy or daddy at their best and that she constantly has overhear us talking about health problems and stressing about finances.

I want to give her all of me because she has truly given me everything.

I love you so much, Emma Grace.




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