…and i can’t remember life before your name, ohio.

Greetings again from my Starbucks in downtown Columbus!  Yes, I did it again.  I rode the overnight mega of all buses (aka Megabus) from Chicago to Columbus, OH.  Arriving at 6:15 am this morning, I took my hobo-looking self into my morning post and pulled a Superman swap into the bathroom.  Goodbye, travelin’ hot-mess-minus-the-hot girl and Hello, reasonably presentable I-love-being-back-in-O-H-I-O lady.

Now I don’t have much time since Nila is on her way to pick me up, but I wanted to give a quick hello before embarking on my A*MAY*ZING weekend back in O-H-I-O.  Today I’ll venture around Columbus before Kristin and I roadtrip back to good ol’ Athens, Ohio for my weekend with Alisha, Jakob, and their mom, Kelly!  SOOOOOOO EXCITED to FINALLY meet my beloved Pen Pal/Little Sis and her family!! 

As always, it feels great to be back in Ohio…however, I have to say that it feels different this time.  I feel different.  I’m in a really good place right now and I hope it stays around for a while.  I have a funny feeling that it will.  As my dear Darlene says, Pingers Crossed.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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