when it comes to love, do we really have a choice?

I finally made it through The Time Traveler’s Wife this afternoon, taking a few brains to unclogged my foggy, thought-induced brain.  Again, I have to say that the novel is so much better, and watching this for the second time clarifies my belief more so.  I’m just glad that Rachel McAdams was casted as Claire.  Eric Bana looks like Henry, but I’m not sure that he captures his character as well as I envisioned him to be.  Once again though, I obvious have high expectations when it comes ot this story so my bias isn’t fair.

Two things stood out in my mind when watching the movie this afternoon (instead of studying):

1. I am Claire Abshire.  There’s a scene on their wedding night when Henry disappears and Claire is lying on the bed holding his wedding band in her hand.  That’s when I had this thought about being Claire, although I’ve always felt this way since reading the novel for the first time back in July ’06.

2.  There’s this line that really hits me every time I think about it.  Hearing it today impacted me hard and I know I had to take a break after watching the movie.  Henry & Claire have been fighting after two miscarriages, and Henry reappears after he traveled to visit Claire in the meadow when she was eighteen. 

Henry says something about Claire having made the choice to be with him, and Claire responds back, “I never had a choice.”

When it comes to true love, do we have a choice?  If there’s such a thing as fate, do we still have the free will to choose?  And if we make the wrong choice, will fate give us another chance until we ulitimately make the ‘right choice’? 

I could say so much more on the topic right now, but I’m sure that day will come eventually.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you when it does.


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