it’s okay not to be okay.

Yep, still not feeling well.  What is this? And when will to finally go away???  We're hoping to rule out mono (pingers crossed), and trying treat it with lots of early bedtimes and gallons of OJ.  Honestly, I'm starting to believe that this really is a case of being run-down (and maybe a minor sinus infection).  … Continue reading it’s okay not to be okay.

let me have a moment: hakuna matata

It's only 9 am out here in Chicagoland and I actually allowed myself to "sleep in" til 8 am this morning.  Somehow being up for 1 hour, and really only 'up' for 30 minutes, I find myself stressed.  It will all be fine when I walk outside, in the cold air, in an hour or so.  … Continue reading let me have a moment: hakuna matata

the last day of our lives

If you know me, really know me, you'll understand exactly why this song strikes a chord with me.  Because it has the same impact on you.  Do me a favor and listen to it.  Look at the lyrics.  If it doesn't remind you of someone/something now then maybe it will one day.  Songs like this … Continue reading the last day of our lives

love what you do.

Today was a very long day, starting with a 5 am wake up call and leaving my apartment around 6:15 to go to work.  Yes, 6:15 am and that is ridiculous.  While today was an exception, I do typically leave my apartment around 6:45 every week day morning.  Writing this I'm thinking, why am I … Continue reading love what you do.

evanston: my new athens

A few weeks ago, I discovered my Chicagoland escape in Evanston- which is north of the city and home to Northwestern University.  I immediately felt at home because it reminded me some much of Athens, OH- home to Ohio University, my alma mater.  I loved that small college town so much!  Since graduating college almost four … Continue reading evanston: my new athens

girls who love starbucks and boys, who love boys

For those of you know do not really know me, I'll share that I am a loyal Starbucks customer.   In fact, Adriana said to me the other day, "I don't think I've ever seen you without a coffee cup in hand."  Pure exaggeration there, but not too far-fetched. So today is Friday...which makes me think of … Continue reading girls who love starbucks and boys, who love boys