pigtail braids

I think it’s fair to say that girls wear pigtail braids a few things are probably going on:

  1. She woke up late and didn’t have time to fix her hair.
  2. She’s having a bad hair day.
  3. She recently got a haircut that she’s not too happy about.
  4. She saw some girl with her hair worn that way the day before and just felt like wearing it that way herself.
  5. It’s just a ‘Pigtail Braids’ kind of day.


Now I commonly wear my hair like this around my apartment or when I just get out of the shower and run to the store.  And I remember sitting on the basketball bus to away games many, many times and having my hair braided.  Why was this so common back then?

So why am I wearing pigtail braids today?  Mainly because 1) I don’t care; 2) It was snowing so my hair was going to be messy anyways; 3) After the dream I had last night, it’s just a “Pigtail Braid’ kind of day.

My dream was the perfect mash-up of everything from my past… my family, high school friends, high school basketball, old crushes/boyfriends, college friends.  And all thrown together for what appeared to be a wedding:  my wedding.  Which was either to my middle school boyfriend, rh, or my college love, ck.  I think somewhere in the middle it changed from rh to ck.  This actually happens a lot, as ck will just appear out of nowhere.  And this means what exactly?  I think I know but would love to understand it better.

You know for awhile I wondered why I had so many dreams about high school and people from the past, but now I’m beginning to realize that these repressed memories are floating back.  Let me tell you that it makes that morning Starbucks that much better as I think WTF was that all about during my commute to work. 




2 thoughts on “pigtail braids

  1. I always enjoy the pig tail braids when I’m having a certain kind of day- can’t beat them!

    And totally had the french braid circle going on every other away softball game when I was in highschool. It was also a ritual for championship games… too funny!

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