bachelor boycott begins

I’m watching The Bachelor season finale while writing this posting, and I need to say that I made a pact with my friend Jen that if Jake chooses Vienna then I am never again watching The Bachelor

At this point, Jake has introduced both women to his family.  I admit that Tenley is my favorite in the remaining two, and she certainly did fit well with his family.  If he doesn’t choose her and chooses Vienna, then I really will never watch this again.  If he doesn’t choose either one, then I won’t give up this little guilty pleasure of mine.  But if Vienna is the last one standing, the Sayonara, Bachelor nights.  I’ve spent many wasted hours with you over the years, and I thank you for making me feel better about being single and not a desperate 26-year old ready to marry someone after knowing them for 6 weeks on a TV show…

… now I’m watching Jake’s last date with Vienna.  I just cannot seem to like anything that comes out of Vienna’s mouth.  Watching this I cannot help from thinking what it would be like for them in the non-TV show real world. 

I feel like Vienna is on the wrong reality show.  Like she mean to audition for Rock of Love instead.  I cannot even understand why she was casted on this show.  She’s even uglier every time she talks.

So Jake just dumped Tenley, and I can tell how hurt he is by it.  So why are boys stupid like that?  I kind of hope he regrets it.  I’ll say this though, Tenley certainly got more closure from this than Jake did.  I mean he hardly said anything, which she got to say it all.

Now the bitch is up.  I don’t know if I can watch him with Vienna anymore.  Seriously, is this the same Jake as in The Bachelorette season with Jillian?  Because that guy would not be proposing to a girl like that.  How do you go from Jillian, and even Ali, Tenley, and Gia, to this slut.  Vienna may have been the ugliest girl- inside & out- on that show ever.

Please, please, please bring Ali back and truly make it be “the most dramatic season finale ever”.  Otherwise goodbye my Bachelor watching days.  A promise is a promise.

*The happy couple were on the After the Final Rose….barf.  She already looked like she had more plastic surgery.  What a fake hoe.  Tenley is so cute, but like Ali once said, ‘If Jake likes Vienna, then I’m not for him.”  I think the same is for Tenley and Gia too.  If that’s his type and ‘the one’ then those girls will find a much better caliber guy. 

And just announced, Ali is the new Bachelorette.  At least I can still watch that show.  I think I like her so much because she reminds me of what I would be on the show- sensible, realistic, personable, etc.  I would never do The Bachelor, but in the real world I have to say that I’m a pretty good candidate to be a bachelorette- minus my lack of drama….well THAT kind of drama.  Sorry, I wouldn’t be hooking up with any producers, showing off my fake boobs nor ‘playing the game’ as Vienna did.  It’s like she studied past seasons of The Bachelor, or studied Jake to say everything he needed her to say.  This deserves a SERIOUSLY? 

I don’t know if I cannot not watch the next Bachelor.  This is such a great feel-good show for me.  Maybe I’ll have to actually cave in and start watching Jersey Shore….ummmNO!  ♥ K


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