an uncertain heart

If your heart was an empty canvass, what color would you paint it? Right now I'm sitting here wondering what I would do.  If I was painting my heart this weekend then I would have chosen red, as I was happily enjoying the company of friends (old & new) and a fun-filled atmosphere.  There also … Continue reading an uncertain heart


it’s better to be absolutely absurd then boring.

Jillian Harris, former Bachelorette, responded to the question, Would you recommend the reality TV experience to others?, in the following way: "I would recommend any experience to others.  Whether I had a good time or not.  You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take, and it's better to be absolutely absurd then boring.  … Continue reading it’s better to be absolutely absurd then boring.

three-day work week

Has anyone else ever seen these adorable cards at Target?  I'm sure they're at other stores too, but that's where I commonly see them.  Oh, Target.  How I miss thee!  Note to anyone that is even thinking about moving to Chicago (ever): Targets here are horrible.  Not only are they ALWAYS ridiculously crowded, but the … Continue reading three-day work week

the days all run together

Unless I really sit here and thinking about it, I could not tell you what today's date is.  Also, I really have to think about what day of the week it is.  Okay, I know it's not Monday nor Wednesday because I'm not just getting home from spinning class.  You think I'm joking about this- … Continue reading the days all run together