o-h-i-o, i-m-i-s-s-y-o-u.

If home is truly where the heart is, then Ohio will always be home. Lately, as the thirties continue to make me more maternal and sentimental than I ever imagined being, I've been realizing more and more that my heart has been stranded there since I relocated to Chicago nearly five years ago. And after a … Continue reading o-h-i-o, i-m-i-s-s-y-o-u.

…and i can’t remember life before your name, ohio.

Greetings again from my Starbucks in downtown Columbus!  Yes, I did it again.  I rode the overnight mega of all buses (aka Megabus) from Chicago to Columbus, OH.  Arriving at 6:15 am this morning, I took my hobo-looking self into my morning post and pulled a Superman swap into the bathroom.  Goodbye, travelin' hot-mess-minus-the-hot girl … Continue reading …and i can’t remember life before your name, ohio.