this was just a dream

Besides the occasional celebrity crushes (I had the biggest thing for Grant Hill since his days at Duke) during my adolescence, I would have These Dreams. Big Dreams. Make the World A Better Place Dreams. Paint a Smile on Everybody's Face Dreams.  These Dreams were filled with Hope; Sincerity; Generosity; Beauty; and Love.  Dreams of Saving the World … Continue reading this was just a dream

michaella & me

Meet my 7-year old BFF, Michaella.  And look at all of that sugar that she surrounded us with!  My teeth hurt just looking at it.  After a few weeks of making valentines for friends & family members, Michaella hosted a party for her friends- which turned out to be a surprise for me when I came in … Continue reading michaella & me

“it feels good to give!!”

My friend, Jen, just sent me a text, after donating $150 to our friend Dustin's fundraising efforts in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program.  Jen wrote, "It feels so good to give!!"  She's right.  It does feel good to give, especially to a cause that is worth more than money.  Your money … Continue reading “it feels good to give!!”

hello september. it’s really good to see you again.

All the things I still remember, Summer's never looked the same. Years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain. God, I love September!  For me September has always marked a time for new beginnings.  Beginning at the age of four, September marked the beginning of a new school year.  At … Continue reading hello september. it’s really good to see you again.