three-day work week

Has anyone else ever seen these adorable cards at Target?  I'm sure they're at other stores too, but that's where I commonly see them.  Oh, Target.  How I miss thee!  Note to anyone that is even thinking about moving to Chicago (ever): Targets here are horrible.  Not only are they ALWAYS ridiculously crowded, but the … Continue reading three-day work week

together and apart

This bad day improved a bit as I just spent an hour on the phone with my dear friend Ruth. (First from the left in the photo.  The others are Kristin, Jackie, and Sarah.)  This crew were the ones responsible for introducing me to the bar scene in Athens and for all of those drunken, … Continue reading together and apart

my heart is in ohio

Somehow I made it back to Chicago after what seemed like the longest Megabus ride ever.  Oh well.  I made it, but unfortunately I had to leave my friends back in Columbus.   Let me first say that all my expectations were exceeded and I had a truly A.MAY.ZING. weekend.  Where do I even begin?  For … Continue reading my heart is in ohio