oh yeah, i have a blog…

Can I really (still) call myself a blogger if I never blog?  I mean seriously, it's been months since I've actually typed up some resemblance of a clusterf**k/ written therapy that consists of letters, words, and emotional ramblings.  What the heck happened???  Where I have been???  What have I been doing instead??? Well, let me start by saying … Continue reading oh yeah, i have a blog…

dead hearts are everywhere. dead hearts are everywhere.

I'm pretty sure I speak for every single girl (and probably boy too) when I say that being single isn't easy- especially during the holidays.  There just something about the falling snow and twinkling lights that elicits PDAs, even without the help of mistletoe.  It's not that us singletons are bitter or jealous, but rather … Continue reading dead hearts are everywhere. dead hearts are everywhere.

champagne mornings and vodka nights.

My legs are sore; my throat is scratchy; and the dark circles underneath my eyes keep getting darker and darker.  Just the price you pay for spending a weekend with your friends, including those named Champagne & Vodka.  Might I add that it was a four-day weekend too.  Oh, and lucky me woke up this … Continue reading champagne mornings and vodka nights.

hello, stranger.

Having a few hours to myself this morning before another volunteer shift (no complaints), I am watching Closer.  I haven't seen this movie in a few years, and while it may or may not be a critics' choice- even amidst the star-studded cast- I fancy it.  Even though I'm half-watching it as I work- yes, work- I am … Continue reading hello, stranger.

this one’s for the boys

I spent part of my Friday night spinning the week away surrounded by roomful of boys (who like boys) and listening to boy band music.  Now that's a great way to spend a Friday night!  However, during class I realized how I am (fairly) boy friend-less in this city.  The irony is that before I moved to … Continue reading this one’s for the boys