when your birthday passed, and i didn’t call

If I had this blog at this time  last year then I probably wouldn't have written a post entitled, Do the Things You'd Regret Not Doing.  The date may have been January 15, 2010 or not...maybe a day or two after... because last year, on this date, I was traveling on the Megabus to Cleveland to spend the weekend … Continue reading when your birthday passed, and i didn’t call

twenty-five years with my brother

Happy Birthday, Nick!! What can I say about my brother?  I love that boy so much!!  He's twenty-five today and I have visions of the past twenty-fives years running through my mind.  Okay, maybe not all twenty-fives years since pictures & parents' stories are the only thing that provides me with any rememberance of our first … Continue reading twenty-five years with my brother

happy birthday, stef!

Happy Birthday to you, Stef!!  Yesterday was my dear friend/ Chicago sanity's birthday!!  Due to unforseen issues with my laptop's charger, yet again, I wasn't able to give her the post she so graciously deserves.  But instead, I was able to provide her with a lovely, filling dinner at Wilde's and deliciousness at Paciugo for … Continue reading happy birthday, stef!