this is me. this is who i am.

Let me stress that I never saw myself as a blogger.  Since I wasn’t one to voice my thoughts and opinions openly, let alone my mistakes, failures, and anxieties, this just didn’t seem like the thing for me.  But thanks to the encouragement of a dear friend, who assured me that blogger is free therapy, I began live. love. learn. breathe. and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner.

Deciding on the title of the blog was a difficult task.  At first I wanted something clever and cool, playing around with favorite lyrics, quotes, hobbies, and interests of mine.  Nothing stuck; however, while being inspired by Eat. Pray. Love. and working to overcome my anxiety through the beauty of breathing I uncovered my title; a title that captures who I am, who I am becoming, and who I will be.

Simply put this blog is about my journey, and what a journey it has been thus far.  One could argue that my journey began during my childhood and/or early adolescence, but I contribute my college days as the beginning as I embarked on life outside my childhood hometown.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve changed and grown since then.  In facing one fear after another, I’ve become fearless.  In overcoming obstacles,  I have learned more about myself and my capabilities.  And through new adventures, I have discovered how to breathe again.  I truly believe that my challenges have led me to where I am today.

Live. Love. Learn. Breathe. Four simple words that describe my journey best.  Once I identified my life as a journey, the anxiety and pain seemed to minimized.  If only I’d seen it this way sooner.  I mean looking back that’s exactly what it is; what it always has been.  The scars are beauty marks.  The pain gives me more strength.  The heartbreak… just another learned lesson.  It’s taken me a long time to get to seeing things the way I do now, but I’m glad I finally do.  I still don’t have all the answers, and questions are always running around in my head.

And that my friends, is why I decided to blog.  I’m not perfect nor do I try to be (anymore).  I have a laundry list of flaws, but the desire to improve upon them all.  The best way to do so is to reflect and learn from your mistakes.  This blog is my way of doing so.

This blog is my life- filled with flaws, mistakes, and lessons learned.  And this is me: a dreamer, a believer, a hopeless romantic, a seeker, a chance taker, and an observer. I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and most importantly, I am a mother.



Life is a journey, not a destination; And when it gets stressful, remember to breathe…  


13 thoughts on “this is me. this is who i am.

    1. It is a great city, but it’s such a different place when you live here. Some people are friendly and others are not- but you have that everywhere.

  1. Some of the things on ur page are very inspirational. made me think about the past and the future and with some of the choices i have to and helped me out just wanted to say thanks

    1. Mark, I am touched. Thank you for your feedback. It means so much! You know most of the time I feel like I’m rambling and the only one that benefits from my posts is me. But hearing that I am able to help you out…is amazing. I’ve learned to be very honest about my life and the mistakes, regrets, failures- everything. If you ever need to run your thoughts past someone, you know how to reach me. Thanks again! I’m honored. I wish you the best!

  2. I absolutely love the title of Live.Love.Learn.Breathe!! It’s said so well and it’s where the enjoyment of life is found. I’m living, loving, learning and breathing in a new place, too… not an easy transition- filled with many ups and downs- but it has been so worth it. Having a 13 year old daughter, I decided to blog my first year in TN because there will come a day when she is 38 and experiencing challenges, transitions, and adventures…and maybe she will find comfort and wisdom through the written words of another 38 year old woman who traversed a similar path ahead of her. And in the meantime, I hope that my words touch others and leave them with a smile…. as your words have for me. Great writing!

    1. Thanks so much, Shayna! Such a great idea. I wish I knew what my mom was going through at my age, and I really see this as the best gift that you can give your daughter. Keep living, loving, learning, and always, always breathe!

  3. Hi, a few months ago I saw the movie eat pray love and I watched it over and over and over again because I felt that there was one scene in the movie where I could relate to it so perfectly. Since then I’ve been looking for a blog to read and relate to. I’ve also been watching sex and the city and sometimes the way they make Carrie Bradshaw talk about relationships and life in general just seems to be really applicable in my life (as sad as that sounds and as much as i used to hate the show because I never really gave it a chance), which is actually how I found your blog. Your blog popped up while I was searching for one of her quotes online. I’ve been following your story for a few weeks now and it’s funny how almost everyday you write something that I can some how relate to that happened to me earlier that day. I too am a word lover and I think I was cursed to be a deep thinker for the rest of my life. You said you’re doing this as therapy and you’ve been doing this for a while. And I’m thinking of starting my own. So, my question to you is, how has this blog helped you overall as a person? Do you think you’ve changed for the better because of it? Would you recommend another person to start one?

  4. Hi! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to you. Busy weekend, to say that least. I was so touched by your comment and wanted to write you back right away…now it’s 3 days later.

    Anyways, so much to say and if you want to chat more please feel free to email me at Maybe that’s easier anyways so I can help you with some of your decisions.

    From one deep thinker to another, let me say all of those words running around your head & emotions draining your body need to come out eventually. And this is what leads me to answering your questions…

    I have never been one to open up about myself, even to the people I am closest too. I struggled with my thoughts & emotions for years, and finally with the confidence of a friend (and fellow blogger) I decided that it was time to say what I never said. It has been a life-changing experience for me.

    To sum it up best, this blog has allowed me to (finally) feel comfortable in my own skin and wipe away the burdens that always held me back. I have absolutely changed for the better simply because I know myself AND accept myself more than I ever thought possible.

    I was never a SATC watcher and wrote it off when I would see it; however, like you, I watch for those infamous Carrie Bradshaw quotes…which always come up on my blog. Same with Eat Pray Love, Grey’s Anatomy, and various song lyrics. You never know what words will inspire you until you hear them. And you never know who YOUR WORDS will inspire until you write them. That being said, I absolutely 100% encourage you to start a blog. Write it for yourself. Start small. Maybe don’t even share it with anyone- which is what I did at first. But then when I got more comfortable showing my vulnerability, I shared my blog with those close to me. Now, I’m at the point where I’m fine with letting anyone & everyone read my words. I still write FOR ME…as you even acknowleged, this blog is for me therapeutically.

    I know I’m rambling here but I hope this helps with your decision. I hope you choose to do this IF it feels right for you. If it does, just start small. This is your blog, your life stories, your creative genius, your therapy. Always keep the frame of mind that this is FOR YOU.

    Seriously, email me if you’d like.


  5. Hi there,
    Found your blog while googling a lyric from the jaymay song from “Happythankyoumoreplease” & then found your commentary on the film– loved it! started checking out some of your other entries and found myself relating immensely. I’m from Chicago actually and about to start grad school in August too- pursuing a social work degree at UIC. Where are you going for your classes? I wish you the best of luck. It takes a lot of guts to reinvent yourself as many times as you have and to take a big leap into graduate school… I’m scared sh*tless!!

  6. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for your comment. How great is that movie! I’ve kept it from Netflix for two weeks now hoping to watch it again.
    My grad program is at Erikson Institute (N.LaSalle & Illinois). To be honest, I’m a little nervous too, but mostly anxious. Good luck to you too!! Once you get started, you know you’ll feel better. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it whenever I get a chance, so hopefully it will let you know you’re not going at it alone.

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