twenty-eight thoughts running through my mind on march 28, 2012

1. When am I going to get all of this stuf done???

2. These past few weeks are a complete blur.

3. Did I commit to anything this weekend?

4. Maybe I should do… (I won’t.)

5. I just need a girls’ night in with wine, pizza, and lots of laughing.

6. Why does it seem like every single girl has a boyfriend/fiance/ husband?  Seriously?  What’s up with that?

7. How do I have such bad luck with guys?

8. I wish I could just jump on a plane and spent the weekend in California.  Preferably Wine Country..

9. I really need to start working out again.  ASAP. 

10. I need to finish painting my bedroom.

11. I need to clean my apartment.

12. I need to go tanning.

13. I am so excited for my date with Max on Saturday night.  (He’s 2 1/2.)

14. Should I really be working (nannying) and going to grad school full-time? 

15. Why do I always turn back to thinking about “Cleveland” when there’s no other guy in the picture?

16. This past year (with guys) has been interesting, yet disappointing. 

17. I don’t think I’ve opened my refrigerator in 3 days- until tonight.

18. Is the reality show phase ever going to end?  Now Melissa Rycroft has a show too?

19. If I can get through tomorrow, then I’ll feel better.

20. Someone’s (unexpected) encouragement really can brighten your day.

21. Ugh, school work.

22. I wouldn’t mind falling asleep in someone’s arms right now.

23. How I possibly have more “me” time with so much going on?

24. I miss my family.  I could really use a trip home.

25. Why wouldn’t that guy just give me a chance?  What did I do to make him change his mind?

26. Part of me just doesn’t care anymore, about anything.

27. I’m more mentally & emotionally exhausted than physically.

28. I need to write a real blog post soon.


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