40 days and 40 nights

To tell you the truth, I had absolutely no idea that today was the first day of Lent (aka Ash Wednesday) until I heard it mentioned on the radio around 8:15 am CT.  So since then, I’ve been thinking about what I could give up for Lent.  Hmmmmm…


Nah?  That’s something I really don’t have to “give up” since they aren’t too prevalent in my life anyways.

Diet Coke?  Yes!!  I need to give up that since I shouldn’t be drinking it in the first place.  (Note: So, I gave up pop back in high school- for Lent actually- and went about 12 years without drinking it, with the exception being with rum, etc.  However, for some reason, Diet Coke found it’s way back into my life a few weeks ago.  But now…it’s got to go!)

Okay, but there’s something else I need to give up for Lent.  Something more difficult then abandoning pop, perhaps?  I think I can think of something.

And I did.

For the next 40 days and 40 nights, I vow to not contact Cleveland.  I will not text him. I will not email him.  I will not call him, and therefore, I will not leave him a voicemail.  Additionally, since we’re living in a Facebook World, I will not write him a message either.  Even when I’m drunk and missing him, I will not contact him through any of these formats nor others that were not mentioned.  Starting now, for at least the next 40 days and 40 nights, I will stand by my pact and have no contact, whatsoever.

So now it’s official.  Now I cannot make any excuses- including when I’m drunk.  I have to stick to this Lenten plan.  I have to see it through. I have to let him go- once and for all.


4 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights

  1. I owe you an e-mail because we need to catch up on life.

    Yes, you need to give up Cleveland for lent!!! I whole-heartedly agree with this and if you need some motivation / inspiration throughout the 40 days, let me know because I will totally kick your butt into gear if you end up slipping! 😉


  2. Hello Chica! I think you should also add no Facebook stalking Cleveland to that list. It’s just too tempting and will get you more worked up that you have forbidden yourself to contact him. Just make him invisible for 40 days… or an “acquaintance” so you don’t see any of his newsfeeds and such. Just a suggestion! Hope you have a great day!

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