…and tell me how lucky they are to have me.

I can start by saying that I’ve been trying to write a post for the past few weeks, especially after realizing that it’s been quite a while since I”ve done so.  I really have.  But with my schedule, by the time I get home from class at night, I am only thinking about getting my schoolwork done and getting into my bed ASAP. 

Tonight is different.  For starters, I don’t have to do any schoolwork tonight since I’m out of class until Monday.  (Yes!)  And second, I have enough time to take the time to reflect on what’s going on with me.  After all, this blog is currently my therapy and therefore, I need to use it as such.

Okay, let me backtrack.  Let me tell you what has been dwelling on my mind these past few hours- or maybe the past few days.  Now I’m not going to go into details, but will say that I’ve been struggling with trying to get someone to trust me; to trust that I am someone who puts others before herself.  Someone who is quite A*MAY*ZING, even if she doesn’t always admit that about herself. 

So tonight, a night that I shouldn’t have anything to stress about, I sit and worry about how to make someone see the real me.  How can I convince someone to trust me?  How can I let someone know that I’m dedicated to the task at hand?  How do I assure someone that I am someone who they will (one day) feel lucky to have in their life?

To be honest, I know I’ll feel better in the morning; and actually, I’m doing okay right now despite writing about it.  I just hope that I can show this someone that I’m as wonderful as I’m beginning to believe I am. 

PS. I’m feeling much better than I did during the last few posts.  I’m definitely getting stronger, day by day.

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