what would carrie bradshaw do?

Okay, Carrie.  I want you to be honest with me.  Don’t sugarcoat anything.  Give it to me straight.  Say it exactly how you see it.  Tell me what’s wrong with me.  Most importantly, tell me what I need to do to change it. 

This is the beginning of a conversation I’ve been having in my head for the past week with the fictional character that I’ve always looked up to.  To me, she always appears as though “knows it all”.  She may not be perfect, but she is fearless when it comes to livin’ and lovin’.  She isn’t afraid to be judged nor worried about getting her heart broken.  In a stylish outfit and killer heels, every day she opens the door to her apartment and says, “Hello, World!  Here I am!”

That’s how I want to be.  I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw.  I want to break out of this funk (depression) and start living again.  I want to strap on a cute outfit and accessorize with a worry-free mind.  I want to tell the world, “I’m back!” with a big happy smile on my face. 

I’m actually feeling better this week, but know that I have a long way to until I’m back on my feet again.  Although I’m confident that spending more time with kids (and much less time staring at a computer screen) will only be in my favor.  But I know that I need to work through some things, instead of always convincing everyone and myself by saying “I’m okay”.

But what’s the secret, Ms. Bradshaw?  How did you get over your bout with depression back in the first movie?  What helped you bounce back to your fabulous self?  Any advice?  Words of wisdom?  What’s the first step that I need to take?  What do I need to change?  Am I on my way, or do I have a long way to go? 


3 thoughts on “what would carrie bradshaw do?

  1. Unless I’m getting my movies confused I think it was charolette pooping herself that brought Carrie back to herself. See you need more girlfriend time and maybe one of us will do that for you.

    1. You’re right!!! Lol. Although she went outside for some other reason, so you don’t have to go #2 in your pants for me. Although, if you want to…no, don’t. Xoxo

  2. I too often wonder, “WWCB do?” She is honest about the mistakes she makes with men, cries, struggles, and pulls herself up again…ultimately to find her “perfect love” in the end. But I think what makes the show so special is her relationship with her friends, not the men in her life. The underlying message of Sex & the City seems to be that friendships with our girlfriends are what help us out of our “funks,” guide us through relationships, and make single life fun.

    The problem with the show is how unrealistic it is that 4 single women would meet in their 20s and form such a tight bond that lasts through relationship after relationship. Although that is a dream for me (perhaps even more so than finding the man of my dreams at this point), friendships change and end, and the older we get, the harder it is to make new ones. Therefore, when I watch Sex & the City, I am left with a sense of longing, not for men, but for a Samantha, a Charlotte, and a Miranda. What do you think about this?

    Oh, the other problem with the show is that a column writer would not be able to live in Manhattan and buy all of those clothes & shoes!!!

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