getting over a guy in 10 days: day 6

Wednesday, November 23, 2011: The 6th day of getting over “Cleveland”.

Lately I’ve been numb when thinking about “Cleveland”.  I haven’t smiled in remembrance of our moments together, nor have I craved his touch as I once did.  I haven’t thought about kissing him…until last night.  For some reason, I tossed and turned last night missing him.  My mind was spinning to with memories of our times together and the words he spoke (or wrote via text/email) that always made me feel so much better. 

But that was yesterday and today is Day 6: No Thinking Day.  Today I am forbidding myself from doing much thinking at all.  No thinking is the name of the game.  No thinking about “Cleveland”; no thinking about missing “Cleveland” or how things used to be between us.  In addition, there is no thinking about work, school, nor finances.  Today my mind is a blank slate- or as much as it can possibly be.  Let’s see how this goes…


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