getting over a guy in 10 days: day 2

Saturday, November 19,2011: The 2nd day of getting over “Cleveland”.

I’m midway through the 2nd day of my self pact and definitely feeling stronger than I have at any point during these last three months.  Wow, I cannot believe it’s been three months!  That being said, I need to stress how important my friends have been during this whole situation with “Cleveland”, especially by giving their non-judgmental support and advice.   

Initially I wasn’t planning on telling any of my friends about my rendezvous with “Cleveland”- even lying to Jenny after leaving the bar with him.  (Sorry, J.)  But after realizing how amazing my friends have been,I turned to them- Libby and Jenny first, before a few others- because I knew that they could help me- eventually- overcome the mess I found myself in.  Actually, to one friend I went as far as to say, “Tell me I’m being stupid and that I need to walk away.”

From the day after I met him, I told “Cleveland” that I was eventually going to walk away if he wouldn’t.  I always knew I had to, even during the times when I didn’t want to; and for some reason, I knew instinctively that it wasn’t going to be easy.  Because of that, I knew I had to let my friends be there for me- especially in this unfamiliar, unforeseen situation in which I lost myself in.  It’s in these situations when your friends really step in and get you back on track.

So for all of you girls, and a few boys, who have helped me come to my senses over the last three months- THANK YOU.  I know you’ve been wondering, What the heck is Kristen doing?  She knows better than this.  You’re right, I do.  But thank you for bearing with me and helping me come to the conclusion that this isn’t for me and therefore, I really need to walk away.  XOXO


No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.
Carrie Bradshaw


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