sticks & stones.

I had this fantasy that high school ended after high school.  I believed that the pettiness, jealousy, bullying, and cliques were gone in college and long gone in the mid-twenties.  I thought that people actually grew up when it was time to grow up.  Whatever I may have one imagined, last week I was reminded that none of the above are true.  Unfortunately some people just suck.

I’ve been lucky and haven’t had many problems with people since high school ended.  (Knock on wood.)  Besides the occasional dirty look from a girl or being blantantly ignored by someone you went to high school with, it really hasn’t been that bad.  Perhaps it’s because I suffered from enough crap during my adolescent days; or may it has to do with my “I really don’t care” approach to life and people these days.  Whatever the case may be, I’ve learned who to be friends with and who to stay away from.

But sometimes we make mistakes.  Sometimes we are wrong about people.  Very wrong.  Last week I expectantly realized just how wrong I was.  Within five minutes of arriving home after another long day of work & school, I discovered that assholes always do reveal themselves.  And trust me, this one certainly did.  Now I could be just as bad as he was, but really what’s the point?  Why be mean to people?  Why waste the time when you could say nothing at all and leave it be?

I wondered those things last week, but in all honestly, I’m glad he did what he did.  And I’m perfectly fine with the stupid things he said.  For one, he taught me that when someone says, “No one cares about you”, what they really mean is “I’m a douchebag.”  And really, who wants one of those in your life.

So like my sister said, “Water under the bridge, K.  Water under the bridge.”


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