“i just needed to do some good today”

I’ve been having a rough week. Actually, a rough two weeks.  I’ve been describing myself as “emotional”, “exhausted”, and “stressed” from the large amounts of school work being dealt my way.  On top of that, my heart has been “broken”, “confused”, and perhaps even a bit “cynical”.  With a sore throat and earache today, and still feeling run-down, I need to experience some good.  I hoped to see it on the bus, but nothing.  I looked for it on my walk to Starbucks, and there was none.  So, while waiting in line for my Grande Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dolce Latte with Soy, I opted that I was going to be the one to do some good.  After finding myself in a simple conversation with the woman behind me, I made the decision to pay for her order.  She resisted at first- as I, too, would have done- but I didn’t back down.  With much sincerity, I told her,“I just needed to do some good today.”  She smiled, thanked me again, and replied, “There isn’t enough good being done in this world.” 

Sadly, she is right, but at least I was able to give her hope that there are still good people willing to do good things.  My act of kindess was so simple.  Yet, so meaningful.  I hope this inspires you do some good.  If you want to do some good today, or any other day, here are a few ways you can:

1. Make a donation to the Liam Kelly Trust Fund help his parents provide the best medical care for their son! He has just completed 18 months of grueling cancer treatments and although he is now cancer free, his fight continues.  To support Liam & his family, visit www.liamsgang.com/.

2. Hampton High School’sl (my alma mater) Football Coach, Ron “Goody” Gooden, is awaiting a heart transplant and in needs of support to aid in his recovery following the life-changing procedure.  Coach Goody has had a huge impact on hundreds of kids and their families over the years and this is a great way to give back to him.  www.giveforward.com/aheartforcoachgoody

3. Join The World Needs More Love Letters!  Visit www.moreloveletters.com for more inspiration and direction on how a simple love letter can make a difference in this world.

Please do me a favor and “Like” the Live.Love.Learn.Breathe. Facebook page. I’d love to find out who actually reads this little blog of mine and get more feedback from you as my daily wake-up/work/school/sleep/repeat- routine may prevent me from writing as often as I’d like. This link should work- https://www.facebook.com/pages/LiveLoveLearnBreathe/232179646829391?sk=wall. If it doesn’t then you can search through Pages for “Live.Love.Learn.Breathe” or email me at Kristen.Medica@gmail.com.


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