‘friend’ live.love.learn.breathe. on facebook!

When hitting “Publish” after writing a post, it never crosses my mind that anyone else will read it.  You’d think that by now I would know that a few do, especially since some of my friends tell me so.  But still after all this time (what, 20 months now?), I view my blog as a form of ‘free therapy’ for me, myself, and I.  On days like yesterday when I cannot seem to figure out how I’m feeling, let alone how to feel better, I blog it out in hopes of obtaining some clarity and relief. 

In the last few months I’ve been humbled by the surprise responses- comments, emails, Facebook messages- that have appeared before this blogger’s eyes.  Beyond the initial shock that people do read this and like it, I found myself enjoying hearing from others and learning how they found a connection to Live.Love.Learn.Breathe.

So since we live in a Facebook-crazed world, I decided to permit my 20-month year old blog to start its own page.  I’d LOVE if my readers- first time readers and those of you who are loyal follows of my shenanigans- to “friend” my blog on Facebook by using the link below.  It’s my hope that I can hear more from you.  I’d actually really like that and hope you’re up for it too! 

Honestly I have no idea what the Live.Love.Learn.Breathe. Facebook page will end up looking like, but it’s there and waiting for more friends.   XOXO



4 thoughts on “‘friend’ live.love.learn.breathe. on facebook!

    1. Maggie, not sure why it’s not working for you. Try searching for Live.Love.Learn.Breathe. (It’s listed as a website, if that matters.) Or friend me, Kristen Medica, on FB then I can send you the link. Those are my suggestions, but I’ll try and relink it.

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