when you don’t know what to believe in, just believe.

For three seconds, you believe.  When you see the word “gorgeous” in his text or hear him speak the word “beautiful” over the line, there’s a three-second delay before the skepticism sets in.  For those three seconds, you are worry-free.  There are no doubts; no fears.  Whatever happened prior to those words entertaining your mindset is gone.  For three blissful seconds, you believe you really are the gorgeous, beautiful girl that he said you are.

Those of you in blog world and in my circle of friends (now) know that I’ve been having a difficult time lately.  Prior to these last two weeks, I was struggling to get my writing juices flowing and spark some life back into me.  As my head spun with anxiety, I felt anything but beautiful.  On the inside I was struggling to believe that I was ‘me’, and on the outside I couldn’t fathom anyone seeing me as beautiful.  But someone did.

Truth be told, I don’t know what to believe right now.  For the last few days I’ve had my share of weak moments and solid epiphanies.  Even though I stand strong in my belief of what is right-regarding the situation on my mind- I’m finding that those beautiful’s and gorgeous’s can really get a girl in trouble.  Especially when she really wants to believe it’s true.

Song of the Moment: Just Might (Make Me Believe) by Sugarland


One thought on “when you don’t know what to believe in, just believe.

  1. It’s hard to believe in yourself, even when others do. It is great when others confirm our beliefs, but it can be scary when someone sees something that is positive in us, but we think they must be crazy! It can make you doubt if they are being genuine or not. Just know the most important thing is how you feel about yourself. Everyone else’s opinions you can choose to embrace or throw back out to the universe.

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