champagne mornings and vodka nights.

My legs are sore; my throat is scratchy; and the dark circles underneath my eyes keep getting darker and darker.  Just the price you pay for spending a weekend with your friends, including those named Champagne & Vodka.  Might I add that it was a four-day weekend too.  Oh, and lucky me woke up this Moan-day with horrible cramps and an early visit from her least favorite monthly guest.

After a weekend in Pittsburgh with my family, I arrived back in town last Monday evening to begin a week of hosting a bevy of guests.  On Wednesday night my cousin, Ryan, and his boyfriend, JT graced me with their presence; and merely 24-hours later, my married friends, Jen and Matt, came up for a long weekend.  Add some lovely Chicago friends into a mix and let the shenanigans roll!  And roll they most certainly did.

Today, the day after the last of my guests headed back to Columbus, OH, I struggle to feel any perks from my first cup of coffee.  I’ve either let the scratchy throat and painful cramps get the best of me, or I’m ridiculously exhausted.  Truthfully it may be both, but the latter is definitely the case.

Getting ready for work took longer than expected:  Nothing looked nor felt right.  (Which means I’m coming home tonight to a bedroom floor covered with clothes. Lovely.)  Somehow I found something to wear, but I can already imagine myself taking off these cute boots as soon as I sit at my desk with the day’s second cup of coffee.

Whether I’m tired or just PMSy, it can’t last too long.  Maybe another day, or two, but that’s all.  Somehow these busy last few weeks have also brought us to August 9th, which means school begins in less than 3 weeks! 

As anxious as I’ve been about getting started, now that it’s so close I cannot help but question if I’m indeed ready for it all.  Am I ready to trade in my champagne mornings for textbook reading sessions at Starbucks?  Am I am to bypass those vodka nights for research papers?  Can I sacrifice my spontaneous play dates with Max and the girls in order to dive into the role of Full- Time Employee AND Full-Time Student?  Am I able to put my carefree single girl lifestyle on hold to follow my dreams- once and for all?

One thought on “champagne mornings and vodka nights.

  1. Man, I think you and I are having the same day today. Though I had much less fun than it sounds like you did 😉 I have to ask: who is Max?

    I’m feeling the same doubts about starting school. I just did my entrance counseling for my loans last night and started googling my books (580 DOLLARS FOR TWO FREAKING CLASSES!!! and that’s Amazon USED!!) I just can’t imagine having to STUDY again. How does this fit into my lifestyle? Answer: it doesn’t! I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it…

    I hope your day gets better, girl. Get some sleep 🙂


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