two single ladies, two bottles of wine, one rooftop, and a whole lot to talk about.

Last night my friend, Sadie, and I toasted our glasses of wine to some good quality girl time on a rooftop overlooking downtown Chicago.  Two single twentysomethings deciding to escape the stresses of everyday life thru wine & friend therapy.  With a cool breeze, sporadic raindrops, and the always enjoyable Chicago skyline, Sadie and I found ourselves in an easy-flowing conversation.

And what do two single girls on a rooftop talk about?  Well, you know, the usual- politics, religion, novels, and babies.  Or not.  We talked about boys and the role they play in our lives.

Seriously, if there were no such thing as boys, then what would girls talk about?  We talk about how we love them; how we hate them; how we love to hate them; and how we hate to love them.  Honestly, every conversation somehow ends up including something about boys.  (And that’s why there’s wine.)

Now don’t go rolling your eyes under the assumption that two girls sat on that rooftop engaged in boy bashing because there was no such thing.  But we did find ourselves talking about boys and the role they play(ed) in our lives.

Doesn’t that make you wish you were a fly on the rooftop?  If it makes you feel any better I’ll assure you that no secrets were shared nor did we air too much dirty laundry.  The fact of the matter is that we are two single ladies with a lot to offer but yet we find ourselves single…and a bit frustrated after years (and years) of frustration and disappointment.  However, as I implied before, we were not two cynics on that rooftops.  Rather we were two girls trying to make sense of the World of Boys and our role in it.  Or their role in our world.

Somewhere between the our first and second glasses of wine together (fourth or fifth overall during the evening), Sadie declared, “I’m trying to play it so cool (with him).”  I smiled acknowledging my understanding yet held back screaming, “I know! Me too!” despite feeling completely in sync with Sadie’s situation and her respective feelings.  Relief settled into my weary body and made me feel more comfortable with what I’ve been experiencing.  (Note: One of the reasons for my summer funk.)

Upon arriving back at home- in the middle of a thunderstorm- I noticed a text from Sadie.  She apologized for talking too much and not letting me get more than two words in.  (Which isn’t entirely true.)  She assured me that the next time we hang out with a bottle(s) of wine on her rooftop (or wherever)- and there will definitely be a next time- that she will give me ample time to talk about my ‘bo’.  (Can I say that I have a ‘bo’ to talk about?)  At any rate, I stressed to her that the night was perfect especially because I didn’t have to talk about my situation and my feelings.  Instead, I found myself at ease with Sadie’s saga and felt like, Okay, so it’s not just me.  I’m not the only one going through these emotions. 

That’s the beauty of life. Your girlfriends constantly serve as reminders that you’re never alone.  They give you the courage to be yourself and the strength to overcome any obstacle through in your course.  They challenge you to continue exploring your feelings and strive above any doubts that may hinder you from being anything but the extraordinary girl they love and adore.

Sometimes all you really need is a girlfriend or two (or more) and a bottle of wine- or two…or more.


This post is dedicated to all of the lovely ladies in my life who have stood by my side and allowed me to journey closer into becoming exactly who I’ve always dreamed of being.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  XOXO



4 thoughts on “two single ladies, two bottles of wine, one rooftop, and a whole lot to talk about.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful night! I could use a bottle of wine myself. Have you ever tried to have a convo with a girlfriend that does NOT involve boys? I did once, and I made it about 20 minutes before I was mentioning “him”. Whoops! I sure miss girls nights! My best friend moved to Atlanta so I mostly just have my guy friends and gay friends. Not so much girlfriends. And my pit bull. He’s a really good listener 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend-

    1. Wine has definitely gotten me through the unexpected stress of this past week, as well as my lovely friends. Guy friends and gay friends are wonderful, but you definitely need girl time every now and then. I don’t have a dog, but I definitely have talks with the kids I volunteer with and little Max when I babysit him. Best listeners and distraction ever!

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