(i’ve got) a case of the scatterbrains

I’m going to say this in hopes that I can address it on here- especially since I’m not talking about it much outside of this blog- and then I’ll be done with it altogether.  (Pingers crossed.)  I’m not going to go on about it for too long but will say something because, quite frankly, I’m at the point where I feel it’s a must.

For a few months now I’ve found myself straying more from my normal routine.  My workouts have been non-existent; I’ve been slacking on my volunteer efforts; and I’ve dropped the ball at work more than I’d like to admit.  And while the scale may not say so, I know I’m definitely not the same size as I was around the new year.  But besides all that, I’m going to get it off my chest and admit that I’ve had been struggling to get out of bed these days.  Even today, knowing that I had somewhere to be, I found it hard to get out of bed.  There are a few culprits I can acknowledge, but all that matters right now is that I want them to go away.  I want to get back on the ball but having a hard time doing so. 

I had a mini wake-up call on Friday after a talk with my supervisor, but I think today was more evident than that.  Today I slipped up because of my recent scatterbrain ways.  In trying to do too much, I’m forgetting the things that mean the most to me.  All of this makes me feel less and less like myself.  I guess I just want an abracadabra moment to get me back on track.  Any magicians out there?  Can we schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off?


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