but then again you’re only twenty-seven and there’s a whole lot of life left ahead of you.

By the time you’re twenty-seven years old, it’s almost a known fact life has turned you into a bit of a cynic; and if you live in a big city then your heart is at least partially stone.  All those fairy tales you once believed in are now replaced by bitter reality.  As far as boys go, you find yourself dreaming more about those celebrity crushes than the boys you met at the bar last Saturday night or caught eyes with on the bus.  And on those lonely nights, you convince yourself that you’re doomed to always be alone. 

But then again you’re only twenty-seven and there’s a whole lot of life left ahead of you.  And so much more love… even for those of us with battle scars and broken hearts.  In fact, for those twenty-seven year old broken hearts, let me assure you that love awaits.  It may not present itself in the form of big, bright fireworks, yet it will appear as a glimpse of hope and fascination.  Trust me on this, okay? 

As I find myself with 2 1/2 months worth of days remaining in my twenty-seventh year, I cannot help but reflect back on what a year it’s been.  Call me intuitive, but for some reason, since I was a 23-year old post grad living in Columbus, I had ‘a feeling’ that 27 was going to be good year for me.  Unfortunately I cannot share all of the glimmers of hope & fascination that have filled my days, but I will say that I’ve been lucky this year.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ve been thinking about a boy I met once at a bar.  (Sorry, that’s all you’re going to get out of me.)

As the summer days pass one-by-one, so do those of my 27th year.  To be honest, I find myself very anxious for September to come around.  However, I need to remember to enjoy this summer and embrace this year for everything it continues to bring.


One thought on “but then again you’re only twenty-seven and there’s a whole lot of life left ahead of you.

  1. I tend to believe that everything I read and everything I experience happens at the right time, and with mere hours until my 27th year expires, this is no different. I know we have the “expectation” part in common, as I told people when I was young that I would get married at 27 and realized that my mom was 27 when she had me. I’ve realized that it’s important for us to keep our goals in mind but equally if not more important to continue to work on ourselves and our goals while we’re still able and free to chase after them. I love the feeling of looking forward to the future as much as the next person, but I know that it’s more important to cherish all the chances I’m given at this moment. I’m trying to resist the cynic that has found her way in these past five years but vow to be more open to all that life has to offer.

    I heard someone say once that if you look back on the past year and don’t either laugh or cry, it was a wasted year. We’ve both felt a great deal and I know what I’m reminded of when I reflect on it! Thanks for reminding me to keep hoping. 🙂

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