i can go out every night of the week, can go home with anybody i meet. but it’s just a temporary high. (cause when I close my eyes i’m somewhere with you.)

I toyed with the idea of calling this post Oops…I did it again but decided to go in a different direction.  However, I will elaborate on yesterday’s antics just a bit and explain the whole ‘Oops… I did it again’ and how it contributes to where my napping-all-day mind is right now.  In short, yesterday consisted of a day drinking bar shuffle (crawl) in Chicago’s Wrigleyville with my partners in crime, Sarah, Jenny, and Tom (Jenny’s boyfriend).  Good Friends, Sunshine, and Free Drinks definitely set the mood right for some Stress-Free Fun.  And then there was a cute guy in a green shirt…

Within 30 minutes of being in the first bar on the crawl, he caught my eye and I noticed him looking at me too.  But me being ‘me’ wrote it off thinking that he was drawn to my cute plaid hat and not the girl in it.  Well I’m happy to report that both were true.  After 4-5 hours and seeing him at 2 other bars, the curiosity and encouragement of friends led me to approaching him, in front of his friends, and apparently said, “Can I ask you something? Have you been looking at me?”  Yep, ballsy little me said that, which led to a night in the company of cute boy in the green shirt.

So that was yesterday but what about today?  Well after a night of little sleep I have been in recovery mode of naps and laziness.  I’ve also attempted to write this post various times but obviously didn’t get very far.  To be honest, I don’t know what to say because I don’t know what I’m feeling today.  I have absolutely No Regrets about yesterday and if anything, really had a great day with my friends and own antics.  I will say that I still find myself listening to Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney over and over again.  “But it’s just a temporary high” is the line I keep thinking about.  Last night could very well be another ‘temporary high’ for yours truly.  And while I’ll play it off (to friends and on this blog, at some point), right now I’ll admit that I’ve become quite accustomed to the aftermath of those temporary high situations- usually brought on by boys.

Although I haven’t said much of anything on here about it, some of those dearest to me know that I’ve been struggling (to fight) feelings for someone completely A*MAY*ZING for the last few months.  (Yes, he deserves an A*MAY*ZING and much more.)  What I’ve been feeling for him hasn’t felt like a temporary high, but then again what do I really know?  Not to mention I’ve been wrong about this stuff before. (Cough Casey Cough)  So while I very much enjoyed my time with a cute boy, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that another wasn’t on my mind- yesterday and today. 

But then again, it’s FINALLY summertime in Chicago and as I’ve shared with friends, I really just want to have a carefree few months because once September comes, school starts and my social life doesn’t look too promising.

2 thoughts on “i can go out every night of the week, can go home with anybody i meet. but it’s just a temporary high. (cause when I close my eyes i’m somewhere with you.)

  1. Well at least you are enjoying your life while thinking about someone else…you always know when you’re really into someone when you aren’t distracted by all the eye candy that comes into view! Enjoy your summer!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Becca. You got me thinking that maybe I’m not as into him as I thought. But honestly, I think I am but just frustrated a bit because I don’t know if I’m ‘allowed to like him’. Or in other words, if he like me too. But all I can do is have fun being single and keep enjoying this summer with my friends- and if a boy wants to join us then there’s an extra perk.

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