everyone dreams but only a few realize their dreams.

We all have the ability…we just don’t all have the courage to follow our dreams and to follow the signs. ~ Paulo Coelho

I cannot even begin to tell you how exhausted I was last night other than to admit that I completely missed my bus stop (realizing it 4 stops later) and literally dragged myself home.  I mean I was so tired that I would have hopped in a cab (for that 2 minute ride) if I had cash on me.  If my weary mind could remember last night’s arrival to my apartment, it would probably tell you that my eyes were barely open as I got ready for bed.  All I do remember is laying under the covers attempting to check my email but giving up when the light from my screen beared to be too much for my eyes to handle.

That being said, I do remember one thing from last night: A Dream.  While others have an impossible time remembering their dreams, I, for one, tend to recall (at least portions) of mine.  Especially ones like last night.  Despite some of the details being a bit blurry, the message was clear.  Very clear, in fact.  It was as though my subconscious mind was working overtime secretly forcing me to eliminate any doubts that may occur when I woke up.  Trust me, it worked.  I woke up pretty startled with clear recognition of the message that being spoken.  I’m choosing to write about it now over my lunch break (which I never take) because it’s still on my mind- as vividly as possible. (Sorry, that’s all you’re going to get from me.)  But what now?  Should I just forget about it?  Was it a sign to be acted upon, or perhaps wishful thinking from my tired, resting mind?

While you’re not going to get the ‘goods’ out of me, I will share that I’ve had dreams like this come true before.  There’s one in particular- back in the Mars days- that was ridiculous and to this day still baffles me.  But that’s totally a different story, or isn’t it?

Now I could share the story behind that dream-to-reality situation or say that it’s clear evidence that ‘signs’ in dreams really do exist.  With regards to that situation, the kicker is this: While I followed the ‘sign’, I didn’t necessarily do much more.  Back then I didn’t have the courage to do much more; however, it’s a different story now.  So what am I supposed to do?  Believe that the sign is true and eliminate all my doubts once and for all?  Embrace my fearless side and realize that this dream is worth doing something about?


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