thank god even crazy dreams come true.

Katie Holmes claims she dreamt of marrying Tom Cruise in her younger day, as though she knew it was her destiny.  So in honor of this morning’s royal wedding, I find myself wondering oh-so-many things (per usual).  Do you think Kate Middleton ever dreamt about becoming a (real) princess?  Or imagined getting married in a castle in front of hundreds of royals from around the world?  And like Ms. Holmes/ Mrs. Cruise, could the newly crowned Princess Catherine have seen a photograph of Prince William in her young teenage years and heard her heart confidently whisper, “That’s the man you’re going to marry” ?

Well today Kate Middleton married her prince- literally- and her magical wedding awakened the dreams of millions of princesses-in-waiting (of all ages) who wished they were in her beautiful designer shoes.  But while others idolized the dress, the carriage, and the guest list (umm… David Beckham in a top hat= ‘YUM’, as Sarah put it), yours truly sits here wondering what it’s like to be pronounced husband-and-wife with the man you love. 

Even though I’m a girl who swears off needing a boyfriend and whose relationship past (0nly) consists of adolescent boyfriends, going-nowhere crushes, innocent flirting with strangers in bar, and a few (usually under the influence of Red Bull and alcohol) one-nighters, I still dream crazy dreams about finding love and living happily ever after.  And perhaps since my love life has been far from a fairy tale, I rely on my dreams to Keep Love Alive in My Heart.  Because when you don’t have love in your life, all you can do is believe that it exists and that one day it will be yours. 

If I could talk to Katie Holmes or Kate Middleton (Princess Catherine), I’d ask them this question: How do you know that what you’re feeling (towards another) isn’t crazy and, in fact, it’s love? 

If you must know, I’ve been fighting feelings for someone lately and struggling to uncover if these feelings are a real or merely part of my crazy antics.  I wish there was a mood ring that told you this kind of stuff:

Red means “You’re Insane! It’s just a fantasy crush.  Get over it!!” 

Yellow means “You’re starting to develop real feelings, as is he, but proceed with caution.  Don’t scare him off!”

Green means “Go for it, girl! This could be the real thing.  He like you, you like him.  Throw your doubts and insecurities away and have fun!!

Mood rings, yes!  Can someone please invent those quicky…and make them cute?  Great!  Thank you!  I’ll take two- just in case one breaks.

Okay, back to this whole guy thing.  He’s great; and I’m pretty great (most days).  But unfortunately in this little real world of ours, that doesn’t mean BAM! Instant Relationship!  And to be honest, I’m okay with that because I don’t even know what I’m feeling right now…nor what he even thinks about me- if anything.  I just don’t understand how you people do this feelings- relationship thingy. Do you like feeling crazy all the time?  🙂

The other day my grandma shared that she corresponded with my grandfather, who was overseas in the Navy, for a year before they met.  For one year they wrote letters back-and-forth to get to know one another.  They wrote love letters. It was through those letters, they fell in love and began their 62 years together. 

But me being, well, ‘me’, I can’t help but wonder if grandma (or Pap) ever felt like they were crazy for embarking on an overseas love affair to someone they only knew through words on a piece of paper.  Did either one, or both, ever think that he/she was crazy for believing that the one they dreamed of loved him/her too?  And what was it about those letters that made them believe that this is their One True Love?

I’ll admit that my grandma’s story didn’t only leave me with questions…it filled me with hope and belief.  See, what my skeptical side failed to admit (about this guy) is that I cannot help but shake the notion that these crazy feelings aren’t crazy.  So my conclusion is this, based on the wise words of Darlene a few months back: Embrace those crazy feelings because sometimes they turn out to be an indication of something A*MAY*ZING.  ♥


Song of the Moment: Crazy for You by Adele


2 thoughts on “thank god even crazy dreams come true.

  1. Love and crazy go hand i hand for sure, if you don’t feel a bit crazy, you’re probably not feeling love. haha :] Love’s such a vast word though isn’t it? So many layers and differents depths doncha think? xx :]

    1. Crazy and Love. Love and Crazy. Got it! Gosh, I wish you had told me this years ago during my first battle with (first) love. I agree…there’s so much to it and each experience is different because each person is different. I think we fail to remember that because we are so warped in the whole world of Love…and Crazy.

      Thanks for your comment!

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