she was sad, though. but it was a hopeful kind of sad. the kind of sad that just takes time.

First let me say that “I’m fine.” because I know some of my friends read my blog and I want to make sure that they (you all) know that I really am okay.  I’m just in a funk right now, probably caused by stress overload.  I am home with my family and indulging in some rest & relaxation- things that I know are necessary.  I know I’m stressed but that’s really all that I know.  Truth be told I’m not sure what’s wrong (with me), but know that something has to change.  For one, I need to shake this funk and find the energy to get my spirit back on track.  And also, I need to find balance (again) because I’ve really gotten caught up on doing too much (again).

I don’t know if you can classify what I’m experiencing as sadness; however, I wouldn’t claim that I’m happy right now.  Like I said, I’m not quite sure what I’m feeling right now and therefore, haven’t yet figured out how to feel better.  But I know I’ll figure it out.  I know I’ll shake this funk.  I know I’ll find my smile again.  I know…because I always do. 

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