to one of the good guys-

We really don’t give guys enough credit- the good guys, that is- do we?  Well that is about to change…

While my memories of Saturday night are a bit blurry, I do remember one particular moment that involved my friend, Bayard, who is by far one of the most A*MAY*ZING guys I’ve ever met.  (Bayard is also Michelle’s husband and Max’s dad.)  After a comment earlier in the night, I realized that I haven’t been fair to him lately- as both a friend and someone whom I adore for a multitude of reasons.  (His dedication to his family and friends as #1 and#2 respectively.)  So, while I HOPE that Bayard remembered our conversation-or at least part of it- I really want to make sure that from now on he knows how much I adore him because he is truly one of the good guys if not the epitome of ‘a good guy’.

So Bayard, if you just happen to stumble upon this I want you to know that I HOPE to find a guy like you one day.  I am so glad that you found a beautiful woman worthy of you.  You are definitely one of the best guys I’ve ever known and to be honest, you’ve given me a lot of faith that there are other good ones out there.  (Thank you.)


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