it’s okay not to be okay.

Yep, still not feeling well.  What is this? And when will to finally go away???  We’re hoping to rule out mono (pingers crossed), and trying treat it with lots of early bedtimes and gallons of OJ.  Honestly, I’m starting to believe that this really is a case of being run-down (and maybe a minor sinus infection). 

Over lunch with a colleague a few weeks ago I mentioned that I’ve been having a difficult time keeping dates & plans straight.  Sometimes I write the wrong month, and today the wrong year, but who doesn’t do that?  On Saturday night I confessed to Michelle that I’ve been a horrible friend lately, stressing out a bit over the with a list of missed calls & emails that continue to pile up.  I just don’t have the energy to even know where to start.  So, I’m going to rest and breathe.  I’m going to breathe a lot.  I’m going to rest up & take lots of deep breaths in order get back on my feet. 

See, here’s the other thing: When I’m exhausted- physically, mentally, and emotionally- I start to stress.  The negative thoughts start filling my mind.  I use to not know how to make them stop and therefore, I let myself be exhausted & stressed out.  But not anymore.  Now I know that in addition to hot tea & OJ, I need to rest up & takes lots of deep breaths.  I know that it’s okay not to be okay all the time, but I also know what to do to feel better. 

Two other things that I always prescribe myself in times like these are Good Friends and Kid Therapy.  Lucky me, I find both with one family: I love The Elfvins so much!  After a date night with Max on Saturday, I accepted Michelle & Bayard’s invitation to stay over and enjoy brunch with them the next day.  As I just told Michelle on the phone, it was the perfect morning.  Words cannot express what it means to me that I’m welcomed into their family.  Sunday morning was the best I’ve felt in a week; and while the food was great, I know that it was because of their company.  So again, my friends, thank you!  You definitely deserve an A*MAY*ZING. 


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