i heard that you’re settled down, that you found the girl and you’re married now. i heard your dreams came true, guess she gave you things i didn’t give to you.

Being at the age of everyone is getting engaged, married, and/or having kids, Facebook keeps me quite aware of the relationship status of, well, everyone- including any of those guys from my past that I remain ‘Friends’ with.  If you want me to be honest, I will.  I will tell you that sometimes I roll my eyes thinking, “Really? They’ve only been together for a few months.”  And there are other times when I may think, out loud, “She is just one of those girls that always has to be in a relationship.”  But as I always say, What do I really know about any of this relationship stuff?

Okay, let’s get back on track here because this post isn’t about those girls.  This post is about the girl who may categorize herself as Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.  The girl who celebrates her friends’ joy with her own excitement, but wonders at night When is it going to be my turn?”  Yes, this post is for you girls!

There was this guy in high school, Sean, who was an incredible guy.  In fact, even though I haven’t seen him in years, I know that he’s still an incredible guy.  As the story goes, he liked me in high school but I didn’t give him a fair chance.  Now he’s married and I wish his wife & him all the happiness in the world.

With Sean and a few others guys that once played a role in my life tumbling around in my mind, I started thinking…which is never a good thing for me ESPECIALLY when I’m not feeling well.  I quietly pondered these secret thoughts this weekend, but soon I found myself voicing them (about one boy specifically) to Michelle (and Max too) on a walk yesterday morning.  “I’m really okay with it.  But I guess I cannot help but wonder, ‘Why her? And why not me?'”  Michelle being A*MAY*ZING and always insightful answered perfectly, and most likely the same way I would have in roles were reversed.  But I wouldn’t be a girl if I still didn’t question what she has that I don’t. 

Thinking about Sean and any of those other guys from my past, I now see everything clearly.  Plain and simple, I just wasn’t the one for them. 

If you want me to, I’ll let my vulnerable side shine through here and admit that I’m one of those girls, too, that wonders, When am I not going to just another stop on someone else’s journey to finding true love?  Yes, being single gets old, and every relationship status change (on Facebook) elicits a little bit of frustration.  However here’s a fact that (us) Always a Bridesmaid girls tend to forget: One day it’s going to be your turn.  One day you’ll be the girl that makes a guy’s dreams come true. 

One day…maybe tomorrow…maybe next week.  Just know that one day, you’ll find him and he’ll find you.


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