it’s the little things: friday, march 18, 2011

It’s the little things in life.  I say this quite often and think it much, much more.  During a staff meeting (Oops!) I decided to dedicate more time on this little blog of mind making mention of the little things in my life that remind me how simple & precious life is.  So this is the first official post in my It’s the Little Things series, and I cannot think of a better post to begin with.

I spent last night on a date with my boo, Max, after giving his parents (my dear friends, Michelle & Bayard) a date night of their own.  After our usual evening of playing soccer around the building, eating dinner with Mickey’s Clubhouse on, and taking a bath (him, not me), Max’s adorableness decided to shine just around bedtime as he prevented me from covering his diapered-self with his pjs.  Instead of indulging into his bedroom routine of reading books, Max decided to play peek-a-boo/ hide-and-go-seek as he ‘hid’ behind his clothes in the closet.  I can still hear his little chuckle.  After ten minutes of that game, Max and I found ourselves laying on the floor of his bedroom laughing.  I ♥ Him So Much!

His parents came home shortly after and we all hung out for a little bit before I left this family spend the rest of their evening together.  I said my goodbyes to my friends and Max, who choose to capture my heart even more by planting a goodbye right on my lips.  (His dad was so proud.)

Thanks Max, and M & B too, for inspiring me to write my first It’s the Little Things post.  I’m sure you (all) will be the inspiration behind many more special moments in my life.  XOXO


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