this was just a dream

Besides the occasional celebrity crushes (I had the biggest thing for Grant Hill since his days at Duke) during my adolescence, I would have These Dreams. Big Dreams. Make the World A Better Place Dreams. Paint a Smile on Everybody’s Face Dreams.  These Dreams were filled with Hope; Sincerity; Generosity; Beauty; and Love.  Dreams of Saving the World through Simple Acts of Kindness and Making A Difference through Words of Encouragement.

This was just a dream.  A Childhood Dream.  A dream to exchange Disappointing Yesterdays for Hopefully Tomorrows.  Dreams dreamt in order to look forward to the future instead of holding onto the past.  They were only supposed to be dreams (or so I thought.)

Over these last few weeks, I’ve seen the lightbulb blinking on and off indicating, This isn’t just a dream- anymore. You are actually Living Out these Dream of Yours.  In fact, during my grad program interview last Friday, this came into full fruition while speaking of my current volunteer activities.  Between you & me, and possibly my interviewer, the realization caused tears to well up behind my eyes.

I was going to write more on this post, but once again my go-go-go lifestyle is getting the best of me these days.  But trust me, no complaints here.  Even though my emotions got the best of me two weeks ago, I’ve been granted a lot of clarity since then.  (We’ll leave it at that.)  And in many different ways, I’ve found myself inspired to continue Living My Dreams.  Especially yesterday.

On Tuesday night I heard heart-wrenching news from my Little Sis, Alisha, that her (Big Brothers Big Sisters) 7-year old Little, Adeyah, and her mother, Tiffany, had their house robbed.  My own heart broke for this family and the vulnerability, sadness, and anger that they were going through.  Knowing how special this family is to Alisha, I willingly took this upon myself to bring a smile back to this little beauty’s face. 

A simple Facebook post about the situation was all it took to draw out the support from generous friends of mine.  Today I am still overwhelmed with the beauty that was shown yesterday.  Words cannot express how touched I am by the Kindness that was exhibited; so much so that I am inspired to Give More to help those in need.  

If you are interested in helping little Adeyah & her mother, Tiffany, during this difficult time, please feel free to send me an email at or comment on this post and I will get back to you with more information.  Everything but their clothes and large furniture were taken in the robbery, and we’ve learned that it’s best to supply them with giftcards- Walmart being my recommendation. 

One last comment from me and then it’s back to go-go-go for me: Time is the Best Thing that You Can Give of Yourself.  All over this world, people are in need of helping hands.  Find a Cause that Speaks to You.  Become a Volunteer in Your Community.  Make A Difference in a Child’s Life by Becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother.  Do Something.  Anything. 

If You Can Dream It, Know that You Can Do Make It Happen.


2 thoughts on “this was just a dream

  1. “you may said that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” It was the first thing that passed through my mind while reading this post..
    the only thing I can send to your sister friends is my best wish…I hope they can make it through these difficult and hard times
    “I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one”

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