michaella & me

Meet my 7-year old BFF, Michaella.  And look at all of that sugar that she surrounded us with!  My teeth hurt just looking at it.  After a few weeks of making valentines for friends & family members, Michaella hosted a party for her friends- which turned out to be a surprise for me when I came in this afternoon for my volunteer shift.  Since it was a party we thought we should take some photos to remember it by, which also gives us a future arts & crafts project for a photo board of some sort.  Today was another great day with Michaella.  I just feel very fortunate to be a part of her life, and be her friend here while she’s here in Chicago receiving treatment.  She’s from Long Island, NY and we’ve already committed to being Pen Pal when she goes back to NY.  While I don’t want my friend to leave me, I cannot wait until she’s healthy enough to head back home with her mom. 

I’d like to share one last thought as I’m sure Michaella won’t mind me doing so in her post.  This week I’ve been inspired to continue supporting my causes/charity work by another person’s good will and dedication to improving the lives of children, families, and citizens in Haiti.  The A*MAY*ZING work that Sporting Chance Foundation is not only admirable, but is proof that Actions Speak Louder than Words.  We ALL have the Power Inside of Us to Make A Difference, but an idea is nothing until acted upon.  We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations; however, the majority of people do not  step up and take action.  Why not?

Like me, some of you may long to Leave This World a Better Place.  Some of you may long to Inspire Others to Follow their Hearts & Make their Dreams Come True.  So let me ask you, or rather give you the inspiration that you may need: What is holding you back?  After all, dreams are much better when they are Lived Outloud.  (Trust me.)

To learn more about Sporting Chance Foundation, visit http://www.sportingchancefoundation.org/.


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