sometimes you just know

This may be the shortest post I’ve ever written, but I really cannot stay to chat tonight.  Things have busy, but what else is new?  Anyways, today/tonight i got to spend some time with my friend, Michelle, and the adorable little Max (her son) and I feel like I cannot go to bed tonight without mentioning something about the first of many amazing conversations with someone whom I know is going to be in my life for a very long time. 

When we think about the concept of destiny, we always tend to relate it to love & romantic relationships.  However, we fail to notice that other people- friends & mentors to name a few- enter our lives just in the nick of time.  Call it destiny, fate or serendipity, sometimes you just know when someone is meant to be in your life. 

A few months ago, during our second time hanging out, Michelle said to me before getting into the cab with her husband, “We need to hang out more and talk.  I just know we’re going to be good friends.”  Even without knowing her too well at that time, I sensed the same thing.  And now, I know that it’s true.  Like so many other friends in my life today, she is definitely someone who I feel blessed to have in my life.


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