news flash, ladies: chivalry is apparently not completely dead.

I told him that he “made my day”, which may not have been entirely true since I spent the evening with the adorable little Marcus (2 months old now).  An older gentleman walking behind me into my apartment building insisted on opening the door for me.  Without hesitation, after my heart-felt “Thank You” I expressed my gratitude by saying, “It’s nice to know that chivalry isn’t dead.  It’s not too often that guys hold doors open for girls anymore.”

I meant every word I said, specifically the Thank You, but as only a gentleman would do he trumped my complement of his generosity & kindness by telling me that “It’s a shame that they wouldn’t help a goddess like yourself.”  You know what….I’ll take that ‘goddess’ compliment tonight but it’s definitely a huge fabrication of the truth.  “Cute girl” may have been a more appropriate term since I was dressed in my winter-9s, which most certainly included my turquoise rainboots & North Face beanie cap.

Anyways, we chatted in the elevator and on his way out he told me, “You are a very sweet girl.  Some guy must be very lucky to have you.”  Again, I’m just going to take the complement and hope that he wasn’t completely delusional.

Just let me conclude by saying that although I tend to be harsh on the general male population, I must admit that I’ve been fortunate to meet some of the good guys as of late.  It is these guys that make me a believer (again) that there are good guys out there.  And maybe, chivalry really isn’t dead yet.  Every once in a while, one of those rare good guys may enter your life and insist on holding the door open for you.  Always let him.


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