cause you’re amazing. just the way you are.

“I really do think that if I want to find what I’m looking for, which is something so incredible, I don’t think it’s going to come easy. I think it comes in a forum like this, where you have to go through some ups and downs and you have to go through a bit of drama, and you’re much, much more grateful for what you have in the end.”

~ Jillian Harris

In moving to Chicago I found myself with only one ambition: To become BFFs with Jillian Harris- who had moved to town after The Bachelorette season ended.  As the gossip columns indicated months ago, Jillian has since traded in her Chicago residency; however, last night she was back in town.  Unfortunately last night didn’t make my entire dream come true, but I will say that after kinda-meeting her and taking a photo with her and Ed, I, Kristen Medica, willingly surrender my ‘Coolest Girl Ever’ throne to Ms. Jillian Harris…and the quote above is one of the reasons why.

Last night was another night out with my lovely ladies at a chic male-populated bar in Chicago.  It was also another night that left me humored by the lack of quality in the male species.  Okay, that’s not fair to the guys there because I’m sure there were a few good ones around the place, but my eyes were not attracted to a single one.  I swear I tried…okay maybe not too hard…but I did at least look around every now and then.  But truthfully, not only was a perfectly content enjoying the company of my friends, but every guy I conversed with, including my elementary school BFF’s brother who was there, I found myself instructing him with these wise words: “You should go talk to Jillian.  If I were a guy, I would totally ask her out.”  Most of the guys were puzzled with the questions of, “Who is Jillian?” or “That Bachelor chick?”. 

Yes, but she is also the most amazing, down-to-earth, cute-as-a-button, guy’s girl, humble Giver.  A total catch. One of a kind.  The girl every good guy needs to fall in love with.

Seriously, don’t guys get it???  How can they not see how girls like her have a  personality that shines.  How girls like her are the ones that they shouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of (in a crowded bar).  Girls who have fought the world and come out on top- stronger, braver, and more lovable.

Why don’t guys get it?  Why don’t they see what’s right in front of them and how good it can be?

An email from a friend last week, in response to a blog post, forced me to take some time during last week’s chaotic schedule for reflection.  I reflected on Me, Myself, and I.  My past and present self, as well as who I aspire to be.  I thought about how open I’ve become in sharing my flaws, doubts, and insecurities with my friends (and on this blog), and how honest I’ve become with myself.  I have climbed a lot of mountains; battled too many dragons; and traveled across lands to get where I am today and will continue to do so in order to get where I want to go.  And while my journey has brought on hundreds of challenges, I’ve learned the world’s most important lesson: Just Be Yourself.

Last night I was myself, and in fact I’ve felt like I’ve been myself for the last few months.  Confident. Carefree. Open & Honest. Happy.  Just like Jillian.  Standing next to her yesterday for that photo, I realized that I see a lot of myself in Jillian, which is why I continue to look up to her I admire her philanthropic, do-gooder nature and her friends-with-everyone personality.  What I respect the most is that she is who she is, and to be that way she has accepted her past- mistakes, flaws, and all- and stresses the importance of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.  (I agree.)  She is wise to acknowledge that life has its messy moments and that’s all you can do is face them head on.  Don’t run.  Don’t hide.  Stand tall.  Be strong.  Have faith. 

Be open with yourself (and trustworthy others too) about who you are and what makes you happy.  And breathe.  Always breathe.  Love yourself- everything about yourself- and others will love you too.  Others will see just how amazing you are. 


Song of the Moment: Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (slower version performed on Ellen)


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