“and don’t be afraid to fall in love”

 and i could have been another minute late
and you never would have crossed my path that day
and when it seems true love is hard to find
that’s when love comes along
just in time

well you can call it fate or destiny
sometimes it really seems like
it’s a mystery
cause you can be hurt by love
or healed by the same
timing is everything

and it can happen so fast
or a little bit late
timing is everything


I’ll cut to the chase instead of rambling how stressed I’ve felt the past few days.  Tonight I saw Country Strong and since the first song played, my writer’s mind has been a flutter with words, phrases, lyrics, and ideas.  I’m sure I’ll find a way to encompass some of those in future posts, but tonight there is only one line I wish to speak of.  A line said by Gwyneth Paltrow’s character to Leighton Meester’s:

“And don’t be afraid to fall in love; it’s the only thing that matters in life.”

Truth be told, I don’t know what to say.  But in a way my feelings speak for themselves.  I know what I’m feeling when I’m trying to find the words to express the butterflies and almost-empty feeling deeper in the pit of my stomach.   What do I really want to say?  How am I really feeling?  I just spent two hours watching love stories- of all sorts- unfold on the big screen.  And I heard love (and heartbreak) sung about in dozens of songs.  Unfortunately, I also saw how the lack of self-love can be the most terminal disease an individual experience.  Maybe I saw a little (too much) of myself in that movie?  Maybe my own feelings were written into songs?  Perhaps my own desire to love & be loved were closely personified in the characters? 

You never know when love is about to enter your life.  Nor do you always know when it’s doomed to leave you.  In saying this, I can only instruct you with these words once again:  “Don’t be afraid to fall in love.”  And I most certainly need to tell myself the same.  During and after the movie, while listening such songs as Timing is Everything and Give In To Me, stress returned to me as I wondered:  Love, where are you?  Will I ever see you again?  Why does timing never seem to be on our side?  What am I being patient for?

I’m not afraid of getting my heart broken.  We’re fairly acquainted by now, so it seems impossible to fear something that I know quite well?  However, I do worry about not meeting love again.  Or perhaps, I worry about letting my own doubts & misconceptions hold me back from making love mine… again.  I believe that love happens when you least expect it and also when the timing is right- whether or not we recognize the time is such.  It may be as simple as a glance at a crowded bar, or perhaps a reunion with a friend-of-a-friend out of the blue.  Whatever the case may be, the secret is to always be Open to Love.  Always keep your ears open for the Song of Love.


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