i’m not a princess. this ain’t a fairy tale.

~ Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. ~
One of my little BFFs, Michella, asked me yesterday if there was a boy (in my life), to which I gave a blushing “Maybe… Kinda…I don’t know…I hope so” response.  The 7-year old (going on 17) then requested, “Do you have a picture of him on your phone?”  Now who am I to deny a little girl the right to join me in some innocent Facebook stalking, but with my phone locked up in the office downstairs I made the decision to forgo my stalker ways for the afternoon.  “Maybe next week, Michella,” which I have a feeling she’ll hold me to.
She then asked me, “Well, is he a soft guy or a hard guy?” 
Me: “He’s a soft guy.  It’s impossible not to like him.”
Michella: “Good, then you’re going to be together. You just will.
Let me reiterate that she Michella is only seven-years old.  Is it not beautiful how children see the world?  So pure, so innocent.  Why does age persuade us to complicate the world when it is best seen with simplicity?  Michella’s optimism makes me See the World the Way it Should Be Seen.  And this, my friends, is one of the reasons why I love working with kids.  They have this power to wipe the cynicism from your worn-out eyes with a single smile.
While it’s refreshing to hear a child’s optimistic point of view, especially on one of life’s precious matters, it may be best to hear the truth from one of your peers- someone who knows all about fantasy vs. reality.  Someone who’s believed in those same dreams & fantasies, and experienced the joys sorrows that real life brings.  Enter Dina.  My dear friend and mentor.  While our life stories have different characters and settings, somehow our personality traits and plots align quite nicely.  So if I have to hear the truth from someone, Dina is definitely the one I choose.   
After reading through her email this morning, which was in response to yesterday’s post, this quote immediately popped into my head: Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all. (Hans Christian Andersen)  To shine light on the reasons why her words touched me today, I’ll share this part now:
The key is to believe that it is possible and that you deserve it, and to allow it to happen when you do find it… and make sure that he knows what you are all about when you meet so there are no surprises.
She said more.  Much more.  But that’s for my eyes only.  Okay I’ll share one more thing, that pertains to all my love confessions for (the fictitious, yet remarkable) Aidan Shaw.  Dina’s truthful words spoke: The difference is that Aidan was an actor…Nittin (her husband) is the real thing.  He deserves the “Aidan” crowning.  He also deserves Dina’a heart. 
The fact of life, Real Life, is that there aren’t many Aidans in this world.  BUT, thankfully, there are some out there. Aidans are Guardian Angels disguised as humans, walking amongst us trying their best to fit in.  However, they don’t blend in too well.  In fact, they downright Stand Out.  Shine Brightly.  Maybe even Sparkle a bit.  The Lucky Ones catch their eye.  The Worthy Ones are the only ones deserving of Their Love.  It’s neither that Aidans are arrogant nor pompous, but it’s more that they know what they are looking for.  They know they deserve the best and won’t stop until they find Her.  For He Will Be Loved the Way He Deserves to Be Loved. 
I wasn’t quite sure how to end this post, but I think I do now.  Based on my experiences and those I observe, and those love stories that I crave, I’m going to make an assumption: We don’t always recognize a good thing when it’s right in front of us.  Speaking on behalf of myself and the ladies here, we grow up believing in those fairy tales and waiting for the fireworks to literally go off when we find Prince Charming.  But the truth is, Prince Charming isn’t real.  Aidan really is a character played by John Corbett.  But boys like Nittin, Ken, and Nick are out there.  They are real.  They are the guys that we spend our life waiting for.  But sometimes we’re so used to waiting that we don’t always realize when the real thing arrives.  If you have any doubts, just pinch yourself.  Let yourself know that it’s real.  Don’t waste any more time waiting.  Remember that those Aidans don’t come around every day.  If you have one, a real one, then don’t hold yourself back.  I promise you if you don’t make him yours, then someone else will.  ♥

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