hot.mess…minus the hot.

Today is not my day.  Yes, there were certainly some ‘YAY’ parts to this Fri-YAY, as in FB chatting with Brandon and my lovely phone date with my beloved Darlene.  But unfortunately I could neither drink enough coffee nor find one more table to paint to turn this blahness into some thing resembling a smile.  My apartment is a mess and therefore I, too, am a mess.  Does anyone else feel that way or am I just turning into my mother?  Seriously though, whenever my apartment is torn up (as has been the case since this whole bed bugs epidemic struck a mere few weeks ago), I tend to breathe that messiness into my being.  Unfortunately this mess of an apartment isn’t going away until it needs to be for the arrival of Jen & Matt next week.  Now that’s the kind of “YAY” I like for Fri-YAY.

Forcing myself to stay in tonight, I’ve spent the past few hours going back-and-forth between trying to come up with a post to write and painting second coats on my now black night stands, end tables, and desk.  Unfortunately this writer/blogger has been more productive with the painting, which is probably obvious as you read this rambling of a post. 

I don’t know.  Maybe I should just surrender and call it an early night…which is probably a good idea with tomorrow’s early wake-up call and (potentially) late night out with the girls.  Okay, Friday, January 7, 2011…I surrender.  You win.  I lose.  But I’m bowing out gracefully...

and taking one of the loves of my life, Hazel, with me.  If only I could.  I miss this little girl so much.  I’d give anything to be able to cuddle up with her right now and watch Leave It To Beaver or even Elmo.  That’s how much I love & miss her!!  And Georgie too of course, who is now walking.  Seriously, I need to get myself back to Cinci to see all my kids- including Hazel & George.

Good night, kids.  Hope you had some ‘YAY’ in your Fri-YAY, and if not, then here’s to hoping our weekends are much more enjoyable.  Tomorrow is a big day for me and yes, there will be lots of coffee.  Let’s just hope it works its energy-boosting magic tomorrow.  Pingers crossed.   

Song of the Moment: What Do You Want From Me by Jerrod Niemann


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