carrie bradshaw said it perfectly…

It’s been a long, jam-packed, frazzled (at times) kind of day, but a great day.  I’m exhaused, and if you knew where I was today and what I did then I’m sure you’d understand why.  However, as I sit here under my covers preparing to drift off to sleep for (hopefully) a 6-hour ‘nap’, I feel the need to say one thing.  It’s a line that’s been running through my head for the past 4-5 hours, including during the entire 3.5 hour drive back to Pittsburgh with Stef.  A line that was spoken by one Carrie Bradshaw:

“Not only are you great to me, but you’re great to my friends as well.”

Carrie to Aidan (Sex and the City, Season 4)


P.S. He’s definitely an Aidan*.  I knew this before but never openly admitted it.  But after today…he deserves this recognition.


* How I define being ‘an Aidan’


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