what if i fall further than you? what if you dream of somebody new?

Now I’ll admit that I’ve spent many nights out in bars and had my share of adventures, especially on Court Street in Athens, OH.  Some of those nights are a blur and one is completely forgotten other than a bad hangover the next morning as I woke up on my front porch next to my friend, Sarah.  (True story.)

But these days, my nights at the bars are much more tame- unlike those in my college days.  When I go out now, it’s about enjoying the company of my friends- especially my ladies.  Instead of seeing the bar as a playground of potential make-out buddies, these nights serve the purpose of building stronger friendships and forming new ones.  Case in point, two Friday nights ago, in celebration of Nicole’s 29th birthday, I found myself in heart-felt conversations, one in particular being with my friend, (a different) Sarah. 

Now if you don’t know the story of me and (this) Sarah, it’s best to explain that we were “set-up by a good mutual friend of ours, Jen” when Sarah moved to Chicago this past summer.  Jen’s Facebook message/introduction to us was, “Sarah, meet Kristen. Kristen, meet Sarah. You are both amazing, fun loving women that live in Chicago and are OU alum. Kristen, Sarah just moved to Chicago- I think you’re kind of neighbors. I hope you become bffs but my motivation is ulterior. I want to hang out w/ u both at once when I come visit :)”  Simply put, Jen’s wish came true as Sarah and I hit it off immediately after enjoying our first date watching The Bachelor with Jenny and Savita (two other Chicago-livin’ OU alums).  Since that night, I can say that Sarah has proven to be one of my favorites things about Chicago…and that Friday night conversation is only one of the reasons why.

So what was this infamous topic that two single girls found themselves connecting over on a Friday night in the big city of Chicago?  Boys, of course!  What else is there to talk about?  That being said, don’t assume that our conversation included any “Ohmygosh, he’s so cute!” or “Boys are jerks.”…even if we were in a sea of DePaul girls slurring those exact lines.  Nope, not us.  Those days are behind us…right, Sarah?  Instead, these two single ladies found their friendship blossoming even more as they engaged in a little female bonding over a topic that I’m going to call “The Jinx”.

Now let me say that I feel like I’m part of an episode of How I Met Your Mother and in saying that, yes, I would totally go home with Barney Stinson and be another notch on his bedpost…but that’s besides the point.  So, “The Jinx”.  What is it and how do you not get it, you ask?  Well my friends, it’s definitely something you want to avoid if you can, but don’t worry it’s not an STD or anything.  Instead, “The Jinx” can best be described as bad relationship karma.  Once you (think you) have it, it’s hard to get rid of. 

 Okay, how can I best explain “The Jinx”?  As Sarah and I agreed, “The Jinx” is when a new potential ‘something’ enters your life and you’re worried/convinced that if you talk about it (at all) then you’re jinxing it, as relationship fairies will immediately flutter around to reverse cupid’s arrow. So you figure that it’s best to not talk about it…about him…about your feelings…about all the things that have you falling- because you feel that you’ll be cursed if you do. 

Call me crazy, but my lack of success in the categories of boys and relationships serve as evidence to prove the validity of “The Jinx”.

At times I’ve rationed that I caught “The Jinx” back in my teenage years when I stopped forwarding those chain emails.  You know those ones that bluntly stated, If you don’t send this to 10 people in the next 10 minutes then you will have 10 years of bad relationship karma.  Or something like that.  So maybe I should have sent those darn emails?  Oh well.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

So…where does that leave me?  Why did I have that conversation with Sarah at the bar on a Friday night?  And why am I writing about this now?  Well, if I told you then I may be jinxing it and I really am worried about jinxing this one.  And while a few of you reading this know a bit more of the details because I have been having a difficult time not sharing some things with you, on here that is all I’m going to say.  I really wish I could say more…it’s killing me not to…but I just cannot risk the chance of “The Jinx” ruining this one.  It’s proving to be too good to ruin so I’m going to protect it as much as I can. 

Song of the Moment: Enchanted by Taylor Swift


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