bye bye, bugs.

I woke up, on my couch, feeling awful.  Reaching to hit Snooze on my cell phone alarm, I’m sure I swore seeing it read “5:30 am”.  Why did I set my alarm for 5:30?  Today is Saturday, right?  And then, realizing that I was sleeping on my couch, I remembered: Bed Bugs. 

From the moment I woke up until now, I’ve been running around- getting more quarters and trekking up-and-down 8 flights of stairs to relieve some stress in between loads of laundry.  Much to my dismay I even canceled my volunteer shift this morning after realizing… I can’t always do it all.  With only two more loads left and piles of clothes to be folded and hung, I sit here taking a break before the cram session begins again…and Laura’s arrival gets closer and closer.

Anyways…why am I writing and not putting my apartment back together again?  I just feel the need to acknowledge the simple, kind-hearted act that was conducted to me this morning.  My apartment manager, Marcel, who has looked after me closely these last two years and after discovering that I’m the same age as his own daughter, rigged the washers & dryers this morning to allow me to clean the remainder of my clothes for free.  Because it’s me, I resisted for awhile insisting that it wasn’t necessary…but he refused to let me have my way.  I told him, “I don’t deserve this” in which he responded, Honey, you deserve much more.”

I know that those words of his are going to be sticking in my head for a while.  Again, Marcel, thank you.  I owe you.

Marcel’s simple act of kindness today will resonate with me because it served as a reminder that there are still good people in this world.  I’ve wandered these Chicago streets for over two years now and I’ve seen a lot of anger, hate, and disrespect on trains, planes, and buses.  At first my heart cracked at that seams each time I saw another break the cardinal rule of kindergarten: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  Now I know our world is a bit messed up, but I still believe that most people desire to be treated with kindness…but maybe I missed a memo or Facebook update. 

Well Laura is near so that puts an end to this post.  I swear I was going to make some earth-shattering, life-changing revelation here, but that will have to wait for another day.  Thanks for keeping me saner for a while, kids.  Hope your weekend is better than mine.  And again, thanks so much, Marcel.  Your kindness led me to do my own act of kindness towards another resident that I met (and exchanged frustrations with) in the laundry room, so for that and many others reasons, I thank you.  As always, doing something for someone else always tends to put me in a better mood, so thanks for bringing some joy into this tired little heart of mine.


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