bed bugs: the aftermath

The one good thing about doing laundry on a Friday night is that you most definitely will be the only one doing laundry.  Now that’s not always the case, as I recall a few Friday nights in Dougan (my dorm) when we’d have laundry parties, but tonight, as far I can see, I’m the only one in my building (at least) doing laundry.  And I’m doing a lot of laundry.  Every article of clothing that I have is being laundered tonight.  Thank you, bed bugs.

I came home tonight, after a long all-day staff meeting- which was after a surprise Good Morning baby shower for Selena, hosted by yours truly- immediately joined by my frienemies, Stress & Anxiety.  I stood in my entry way and stared at the pile of furniture in my torn apart bedroom and the other pile in my unrecognizable living room/kitchen. I could have stood there all night, just staring.  Too tired to do much of anything but there was lots of laundry to be done.  That was three hours ago and now I sit waiting for my first 5 loads to come out of the dryer…as I stare at more garbage bags of tomorrow’s laundry and boxes of everything else.  With a Make-A-Wish volunteer shift in the morning, followed by the arrival of my friend Laura (until Tuesday), I predict that most of these will still be in the same place by this time tomorrow night.  Yes my friends, I’m a little stressed tonight, but another all-nighter of bed bug debugging is not in the cards.  Sorry, apartment.  You’ll just have to wait until this girl has some time on her hands.  How’s next Saturday sound? 

You know I’m reluctant to say this and I never thought I would but here it goes.  I’m really anxious to get home to Pittsburgh.  Twelve more days.  And on the thirteenth day, she sleeps.  Or goes to visit Alisha & Jacob.  Knowing me, it will probably be the latter but we’ll see.

By the way, what are you supposed to wear when doing laundry if all of your clothes need to be cleaned (debugged)?  I swear I contemplated running downstairs in either my towel or naked.  And that, my friends, is how tired I am and why I’m not writing about anything else tonight.  I hope you’re having a better Fri-YAY (as Darlene calls it) than me. 

Good night, y’all.  I’ll hopefully check in sometime this weekend because I know I need some written therapy and no more talking/thinking/seeing bugs.


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