2 am central time

I hardly ever go out on Friday nights, and I honestly cannot remember leaving a bar at 2 am (or later) sober.  Well…tonight, both occurred.  I guess there really is a first for everything, even this (unheard of) scenario for this little Chicago-living OU alum.  Crazy, right?

In celebration of my friend’s birthday, we ventured out for a Friday night in Chicago and,despite Sarah and I both relaying our tiredness at 11 am, we ended up staying out until the 2 am closing.  In fact, they turned the lights on and shooed us out- which is something I cannot remember happening since my college nights at Pigskin… and I most certainly wasn’t sober on those nights.

We had a few bottles of wine between us at dinner before heading to a bar in Lincoln Park.  Immediately upon getting there I made sure to getmy (second) Red Bull in me, reasoning that caffeine, and not alcohol, was going to get me through the remainder of the night.  I sat in the bar talking with Sarah and engaging in conversations with friends-of-friends, while also taking in the scene of primarily drunk college students: A scene I used to know too well.  But that’s the story of my past.

To entertain myself, but this time while sober, I started my typical conversations with couples to find out how they first met.  Listening to the stories of “we met in college at a bar” and “we met in college at a party”, I found myself scanning the crowd of boys.  To give them all the benefit of the doubt instead of partaking in tool bashing, I’ll say that none of them appealed to me.  Which made me think of Nick, the guy I met at the bar in Columbus a few weeks ago.  (The one Jim set up to talk to me.)  How did I get so lucky to meet and talk with such a great guy?  Like I’ve said, he’s proof that good guys are still out there…even at the bar.


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