well this city’s growing cold, from the needle it heats. there’s howling wind rushing through these chicago streets.

As much as I love people-watching, especially in this crazy city, one of my favorite things is walking the streets of Chicago when they’re empty.  Just me and the open road…Chicago-style, since I don’t have the luxury of driving anymore. After a much-needed spinning class last night, I found myself nearly alone walking through my neighborhood in the chilly air and pouring rain, under the umbrella that I always carry as a just-in-case.  The sounds of rain drops,  howling winds, and my soggy footsteps were exactly all that I needed to hear.  It’s simple moments like these that I treasure the most.  During this walk I found myself with a greater appreciation for this city and for the personal journey I’ve been on since moving here.  If I could have more ‘me’ moments like that, then I’d easily welcome more cold and rainy nights.

Tonight I walked home from the hospital, and as the snowflakes flickered again my skin I didn’t feel cold.  Instead I found myself, once again, enjoying the silence of the streets and taking in this moment of bliss.  Having just spent my evening with two young patients, I was ‘high on life’.  I cannot believe they allowed me to do this. 

With as frantic as these past few days have been, it’s nice to know that I can still count on little moments like these to remind me what’s important in life.  It’s comforting to know that no matter what chaos seems to erupt during the hours of 8:00am- 4:30 pm, that I can still count on feeling welcomed immediately upon stepping into the hospital.  I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and finally know that I discovered exactly where I belong.  Now I just have to keep working hard with hope that someone else sees what I have to give.


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